Skarstedt Rare Books was established in 2008 by Jean Skarstedt in Sweden and in Paris. Since 2014 we are based in Normandy, France.

We specialize in antiquarian, rare and scholarly books on the Middle Ages and Renaissance to the Enlightment periods, and issue catalogues (including some books not yet on this website). We have about two thousand volumes in stock in 'Chateau de Livres'; located at the end of a small road, beyond the woods in Plain Bosc, close to the beautiful village of Étoutteville, south of Dieppe in Normandie, not far away from Rouen. Visitors are welcome here - we are usually open 11.00-5.30 Wednesday - Friday and shorter stays in Chateau de Livres is possible for clients, but we recommend telephoning first (+33 7 86057382) to avoid disappointment. The nearest rail station is Yvetot, we are 7 minutes ride from there (gare SNCF, 1h from Paris).

We buy and sell rare, old, and collectible books as well as fine, used and quality second hand books (first edition or facsimiles). The preferred subjects are Alchemy, Philosophy, History, Utopias, Religion, Magic, Religious Sects, Predestination and Curiosities. Located in Normandy and Paris, Skarstedt Rare Books Books is not the largest antiquarian bookseller, but we may say; a quality one.

In most cases, by selling to us, you may achieve higher prices than you might at auction because neither a seller's nor a buyer's premium will be charged.

To save the costs and difficulties of transport, please send us a list of the books you wish to sell, giving the author and title, the publisher and date and place of publication, and the condition. We will examine the list and inform you of the books in which we are interested. If your collection is too large to list, please contact us so that we can organize a time to visit you to axess the collection.

For more information about this service, please telephone (+ 33 7 86057382) or email us at

  • Competency: specifications, consulting, buying and selling
  • Quality : regarding product, service and reliability
  • Discretion : before, during and after business transactions
  • Attention : in processing your individual requests
  • Certainty : regarding authenticity, origin, validity and handling

Skarstedt Rare Books a été créée à Stockholm en 2008 par Jean Skarstedt qui avait déjà une solide expérience professionnelle en matière de art et des livres rares et qui est devenu membre de la Oxford Librarian Society en 2012. La Librairie est aujourd'hui devenue dans ses spécialités une référence mondialement reconnue.

La Librairie est spécialisée en livres anciens, rares et curieux sur les Sciences anciennes, les Sciences occultes et les Sciences humaines et plus particulièrement l'alchimie, la philosophie, la histoire, les utopies, le religion, la magi, les sectes, la prestidigitation, et curiosités.